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Longboard Decks

We sell a selection of premium longboard decks for making custom complete longboards, for any style of riding. Whether you are into downhill, freeride and slide or racing, we should have something for you! Get in touch or enquire in store.
Loaded - Bhangra V2 Longboard Deck

Loaded Bhangra V2 Longboard Deck

The Loaded Bhangra Longboard, The Dancer is dead... long live the Bhangra! Long low and immensely fun to ride everywhere is the Bhangra V2
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sale Loaded - Ceviche Longboard Deck

Loaded Ceviche Longboard Deck

the Ceviche takes the best aspects of the Fish, dices it up and dishes out something brand new. Similar in length to the Fish, but with a shorter wheelbase.
£139.95 £119.95
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new Loaded - Chinchiller Longboard Deck

Loaded Chinchiller Longboard Deck

The Chinchiller is a perfect example of cruisin, its a board designed for pumping, carving and fun the slightly shorter nature of the deck adds to the ease of carve and intuitivity of the ride.
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Loaded - Coyote V2 Hola Lou Deck

Loaded Coyote V2 Hola Lou Deck

Based on the overwhelming response to the Kut-thaka, Loaded have re-imagined that deck with a new maple construction while keeping the same shape you've come to love.
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Loaded - Dervish Sama Longboard Deck

Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard Deck

The Dervish Sama features a drop through deck, flick tip nose and tail and a bamboo construction for brilliant freeride and slide performance. An ATBShop staff favourite.
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Loaded - Fattail Longboard Deck

Loaded Fattail Longboard Deck

Loaded's revamped the design of the Pintail, brining a new approach to the design. Modernizing the classic design and concept to keep up with new riding styles.
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Loaded - Icarus Longboard Deck

Loaded Icarus Longboard Deck

The Loaded Icarus longboard deck is a USA-made drop-through design with advanced bamboo fiberglass laminate construction, featuring some seriously good flex.
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Loaded - Kanthaka Longboard Deck

Loaded Kanthaka Longboard Deck

Want a BIG skateboard to rip up the streets on longboard wheels and trucks? Well that's what the Loaded Kanthaka longboard deck is here to do, strap on and jib out!
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Loaded - Mata Hari Longboard Deck

Loaded Mata Hari Longboard Deck

The Mata Hari from Loaded Longboards, a combination between freestyle and dancing with different wheel base options to suit your riding style.
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Loaded - Omakase Longboard Deck

Loaded Omakase Longboard Deck

Loaded Omakase Longboard deck stands on its own. With a high user-friendly design which is short, wide, stable and nimble for city cruising.
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Loaded - Poke Longboard Deck

Loaded Poke Longboard Deck

Continuing the evolutionary legacy of the Fish and Ceviche, the Poke is the newest performance-driven stage of a timelessly delightful tradition from Loaded.
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Loaded - Tan Tien Mandala Topo Longboard Deck

Loaded Tan Tien Mandala Topo Longboard Deck

The Loaded Tan Tien Topo deck is a winner in the Loaded range. Originally modelled as a shorter, stiffer Dervish with more features for freeride, slide and flip tricks.
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Loaded - Tesseract Longboard Deck

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Deck

The Loaded Tesseract is designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, snappy slides, lofty ollies, and techy manual combos. Built in California from the finest materials.
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Loaded - Vanguard Longboard Deck

Loaded Vanguard Longboard Deck

Loaded's Vanguard longboard, inspired by snowboarding and taking inspiration from surfing. We have chosen setups which bring out the best qualities of this amazing deck.
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sale Roots Longboards - Sabre V2 Longboard Deck

Roots Longboards Sabre V2 Longboard Deck

The Perfect all-round board you can virtually go hard around with everywhere. With a Californian Walnut Veneer this beauty was Hand Shaped and Pressed in Oxfordshire using only the best Canadian Maple!
£110.00 £69.95
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Loaded - Tarab Longboard Deck

Loaded Tarab Longboard Deck

The Loaded Tarab is designed to push the boundaries of modern longboard dancing. The Tarab was launched back in 2008 becoming the first dancer in loaded range.
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