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Haero Bro 96 Mountainboard Deck

The Haero Bro 96 deck is jammed full of innovative features and rides amazing. Two graphics and two flexes and each has choices for wheelbase length and binding stance.

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The Haero Bro 96 Deck was born from a desire for a light and innovative mountainboard deck, two riders designed and crowd funded the first batch. The sky is the limit now for the future. We have loved the board here at ATBShop since getting one under our feet butIf you check out videos online and instagram pictures of many top riders around the world you will often see a bro deck under their feet! Fits most trucks and bindings from main brands including mbs and trampa. If unsure we can build your ultimate setup and send it to you ready to ride.

The Haero Bro 96 deck is jammed full of innovative features and rides amazing. Two graphics and two stiffnesses depending on preference and each has choices for wheelbase length and binding stance.

So for a number of years now there has been a need for high end, high performance mountainboard decks and the main manufacturers have not been able to build them at cost for normal sale. Colab started the small batch production by riders for riders idea and Haero have followed the lead producing the bro deck in europe. It was a fully crowd sourced project with loads of rider input into the options that have ended up in production. So there is wheelbase options and also stance options and a choice of flex depending on rider weight and preference. The first batch of decks sold out and the second batch the same so now with shops being able to help grow the production size more riders can get access to the decks they want to customise their ride.

Haero Bro 96 Deck Side View

The Haero Bro 96 deck is a 96cm long deck with a lot of features to make your ride more enjoyable. The summary of the design process is a deck that has a flat wide underfoot with concave lips locking you in giving great leverage in carves. The construction is premium and lightweight with grind base and carbon and fibreglass inside the deck to give the pop without the weight. Deck feels light and agile underfoot.

Different Flex’s? What do I go for? There is a medium flex and a stiffer flex. This is down to preference and rider weight. If you are a bigger adult rider and want to push hard then the stiff flex is going to be your go to. Young riders or lighter riders wanting to use on the short wheelbase and want to retain some flex then the medium is great. Both decks still have some flex in them and if you want more pop and a lighter/shorter rider then don’t go too stiff. If you are using the deck for electric board and adding batteries and more weight then the stiff board may be better also?

Haero Bro 96 Deck Shape and Size:

Flatcave and Gas Pedals - Rather than full concave under the foot is flatter with steep concave at the edges with gas pedals lipping up to put more pressure into those toe turns. With the deep foot pockets don’t be afraid to ride without heelstraps as it locks you in tight.

Haero Bro 96 Flat Cave wide Deck Graphics

Wide Footbed - Too narrow a deck and you are not getting the power down to the deck especially if you have larger feet. More contact = more carve.

Flat Stand Coil Camber Rocker Profile - If you are standing on a positive camber deck then your feet are angled out and can put pressure on the knees incorrectly. The Hearo Bro has been designed with positive camber between the feet but flat underfoot so knees are positioned more comfortably and there is power and pop in the deck.

Haero Bro 96 Flat Stand Coil Camber Design

Wheelbase and Stance Options - Because everyone has different preferences based on height and weight then there are two options for both wheelbase and also stance width. Wider stance puts feet closer to the trucks, short deck is small turning radius and stiffer. You might find you can change around the board depending on what you are riding for skatepark or freeride?

Haero Bro 96 Deck Size Options Graphic

Haero Bro 96 Board Construction:

Haero Bro 96 Deck Construction

Durable Topsheet and Easy Slide Base - Protection can be everything and when going over rails, rocks and other obstacles keeping the deck sealed from the wet is important. The top surface is covered with a protective sheet like a snowboard to reduce scratches. The bad has a grind surface to survive the impacts and is smooth to slide on too so doesn’t need wax to grind.

ABS Sidewalls and binding Inserts - Something again standard in snowboards is a ABS bumper built around the deck again protecting the core of the board from damage to the edges. Inserts built into the deck add a few grams of weight but keeps the base smooth as silk.

Featherlight Core - The heart of any board is the core material. Most mountainboards are super heavy due to the materials used and mostly the resin gluing it all together. Haero have managed to make a deck only using three sheets of wood making a strong deck without the weight. Also add in triaxial fibreglass and carbon fibre stringers to make the deck pop.

Power X and Power Strips - Without some fibre to give the deck stiffness it would be loose and floppy. Ideally a deck should have reduced torsional flex so your input goes straight into the trucks so to stiffen things up then there is a X of carbon fibre in from the foot placements up to the truck holes and carbon beams the length of the deck to reduce the torsion and give back the pop you want.

Tip angles - The steeper the tip angle the quicker the truck turns if it’s a channel truck, the less angle the less turn and the more stable the ride. 35 degrees is fast, 25 degrees is stable so Haero went in the middle with 30 degrees. If you want less or more you can use a angled riser to correct this to what you wish for the trucks you are using. 

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