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OJ Wheels Bum Bag Keyframe 54mm 87a Skate Wheels Combo

Only 500 of these combo sets were made, in the World! OJ Wheels and BumBag have joined forces to bring this incredible limited package to you.

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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This BumBag and OJ Wheels Colab Combo is super rare, with only 500 of these made in the world! 

54mm diameter KeyFrame wheels in a softer 87a duro. If you think you know what grippy wheels feel like, just get these blobs under your setup and you will realise just what grip feels like! The unique graphics on these KeyFrame wheels throw tribute to the amazing bumbag that comers with these wheels.

The bumbag itself is a unique and one off (only 500 made) blue bag, which contains your lovely wheels. Blue 'tie dye' faded style graphic with a unique BumBag X OJ Wheels Logo.

Wheel Specifications

  • 54mm Diameter
  • 87a Durometer 
  • 34.86mm Wide
  • 21.63mm Contact Patch

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