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Snowboard Tuning Accessories - Demon Snow - Wax

A wide selection of must have snow board tuning accessories - Nessesscities for holidays and seasons on the slopes: Keep your equipment in top condition with our Demon and Dakine range of Tools, Waxes, Snowboard Wax Irons and Scrapers.
Demon Snow - Basecleaner

Demon Snow Basecleaner

The Demon snowboard base cleaner is a handy size for travelling with your snowboard. Use it to make sure your base is free from grime when re waxing your board.
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Demon Snow - Big Block 1lb All Temp Wax

Demon Snow Big Block 1lb All Temp Wax

This is a bulk block of wax ideal for riders on season or servicing a lot of boards! Pretty much half a kg of super fast all temp waxing goodness.
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Demon Snow - PTEX Candles

Demon Snow PTEX Candles

No one likes the idea of hitting a rock or making a dent in your snowboards base but these things do happen. Luckily the solution is cheap & comes in the form of PTEX.
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Demon Snow - Snowboard Wax

Demon Snow Snowboard Wax

The wax we have been using for years to service customers boards. The Demon wax gives a good finish and lastability on the slopes. Classic wax in All Temp, Cold and Warm formulas.
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