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Best Kiteboarding Kahoona V3 2011

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Best Kiteboarding Kahoona V3 2011 Kitesurfing Kite 

The Kahoona V3 delivers the perfect mix of freeride, new school and wave riding performance. The V3 combines rock solid stability, smooth power delivery, endless depower and precise handling, making it the perfect kite for advancing your riding level, regardless of your preferred riding style.

The first two generations of Kahoonas were praised for their surprising hang-time and great low end power. In this third generation, we’ve been able to extract additional high wind stability and turning speed, while reducing bar pressure. To do so, the Kahoona v3 is made with new, specially developed high performance materials and improved profiling which have energized its performance.

When wave riding, the Kahoona V3 serves up its best attributes, combining incredible downwind drift, precise steering response and huge depower, whether you’re going down the line or being chased by the white foam close out.

The Kahoona V3 allows you to perform the latest unhooked new school tricks. The effortless re-launch motivates you to learn new moves and gives supreme confidence to wave riders who simply have to be able to re-launch their kites before the next set comes in… it’s the perfect partner to use with any of our surfboards.

The construction of the Kahoona V3 is both bomb-proof and lightweight at the same time. The introduction of a new 3.5m size makes building the perfect quiver of kites for all riders and all conditions easier than ever before. With exceptional handling, performance and practical safety features, the Kahoona V3 is the perfect kite for improving your riding level, regardless of your preferred riding style and your current riding level.

KAHOONA V3: Advanced progression

Bestkiteboarding Kahoona V3 Kite Only (Bag and Pump)

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Best Kahoona V3 2011 13.5m £799 NOW JUST £589 KO, £799 Complete

Best Redline Performance Bar 45/50/55cm with lines and leash: £289 JUST £230 with a kite

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Swept Wingtips:

The swept wingtip design of the Kahoona V3 allows for a unique combination of exceptional low end power, high depower and maximum stability. The Kahoona blends favorable traits from both C-kites and SLE kites to provide an exceptional riding experience for kitesurfers of all skill levels.

Quad-Strut Design:

The leading edge shape and highly swept back wingtips of the Kahoona allowed the R&D team to remove the centre strut from the airframe: with one less strut in the air the Kahoona is able to turn faster, with less drag, and fly in less wind than would be possible with a five-strut layout.

Advanced Infusion Ripstop and Dacron materials:

New high performance fiber coatings on both Ripstop and Dacron materials maximize strength and increase handling responsiveness. With reduced material elongation under load the new v3 kites are the crispest handling and most responsive designs we’ve ever made.

Mini VP2 Bridle:

A short leading edge bridle provides exceptional shape support and effective distribution of canopy loads across the entire kite: the Kahoona V3 has stability that will encourage you to push your limits. VP2's innovative pivoting design provides maximum depower from minimum bar travel making kite control simpler than ever.



As simple as it sounds, using a brand new needle every time you start to build a new leading edge isn’t standard practice in the industry - but it’s the best way to build the strongest kite possible and that’s why we build the Kahoona V3 this way.



Surf Tough describes how we build in the absolute highest quality with every kite that we make. There are no shortcuts to great performance and lasting durability. We take pride in each and every kite that we make and that's why you will find Surf Tough features on every one of our inflatable kites.

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