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Flysurfer Soul2 Kitesurf Kite

Do everything with the ultimate all rounder foil kite, the Flysurfer Soul has been the goto foil kite since launch and now the Soul2 has evolved again! User friendly and max performance is here!

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The Soul from Flysurfer took over the space from the Speed and excelled with super easy handing and maximum performance as the ultimate all-rounder! No matter what disapline you want the Soul 2 gives you what you need! Confidence inspiring stability, smooth handing and great build quality as you would expect from flysurfer!  The Flysurfer Soul 2 is always the right kite for riding!

The Flysurfer Soul2 is what everyone is talking about right now. Boasting ease of use for anyone starting off to out of this world hang time and boosting capabilities for those much more advanced high flyers who know exactly what they want and need from a kite, the Flysurfer Soul2 fits the bill for any aspect of the sport. Already showing off its insane control and precise turning capabilities with powered transitions, progressive turning circles for loops similar to that of a high aspect LEI, the Soul 2 also meets all the requirements of the perfect light wind and foiling kite with a Flysurfers best fabrics to create a competition tested TX-Light cloth super lightweight and durable construction. 

So What has changed - we will let Flysurfer explain:

SOUL2 vs SOUL1 The SOUL2 is more durable and user-friendly. In direct comparison to its predecessor, it is easier to launch, has better handling in low wind, and sits more compact in the air. The SOUL2 feels more powerful from the get-go and gives direct feedback. Experienced kiters can use the Camber Trim System (Mixer) and the Profile Momentum Adjuster (PMA) to adjust the SOUL to personal preferences. Stability, power, and bar feed-back remain.

Flysurfer Soul 2 Kitesurfing Foil KiteFeaturing all the same outstanding reverse relaunch capabilities the Soul also uses a single line water relaunch introducing an element safety which relates to the methods used on an LEI to help revolutionise the way we teach and learn to relaunch a kite to anyone starting out. With a new and improved drainage system you can make sure the integrity of your kite stays water and dirt free allowing the kite to fly without the added weight. Another awesome feature this kite has to offer is outlining the philosophy that the Soul is optimised for longevity by adding in their new Mixer Check. This system is as simple as measuring and comparing the black, marked lines on the bridles to ensure none have stretched or shrank maintaining perfect feedback and ensuring easy maintenance allowing the kite to fly how it is meant to for years to come.Flysurfer Soul Kitesurfing Foil Kite wind chart

Exceeding in all aspects of the sport covering kitesurfing, snow kiting, wakestyle, racing, freestyle, big air, beginner and freeride I think you know the answer to the question "is this kite right for me" that's floating around in your head. Combining its perfectly balanced construction with an instantaneous and harmonious control system between kite and bar that doesn't leave your arms aching at the end of the day, this kite can be flown and appreciated by any rider beginner to pro level.

The Flysurfer Soul has left us astounded as it has the rest of the kiting industry and Flysurfer are right when say it is a kite ahead of its time. Ladies and gentleman the future of kiteboarding and the future of progression is here.... Introducing the Flysurfer Soul.

For the absolute best results with the Flysurfer Soul make sure you get yourself an Infinity or Force Bar!

The Flysurfer Soul2 Kitesurfing Foil Kite specification:

  • Beginner to Advanced 
  • Double ripstop TX-Light fabric construction
  • Strong construction
  • Full control and precision turning
  • Single line relaunch
  • Mixer Check easy maintenance
  • Improved automatic drainage system
  • Comes with bag
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