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Mutiny F-Series 12m Kitesurf Kite

RRP £700.00 £470.00 - £630.00
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Mutiny F-Series 12m 2011 Kite The lightwind machine. If you want to make the most of every condition then the 12m F-Series is your ultimate light wind machine. With fast ,light turns and great depower the 12m F-Series is the kite for anything from 10knots on your surfboard to powered up huge boosting on your twin tip. The wind range is massive and with plenty of grunt you will never look back from the 12m F-Series. Delivering superb performance throughout the wind range this really is an awesome kite that suits all rider sizes and weights. With the larger riders enjoying the powered riding and the smaller riders enjoying the solid bar feel and consistent pull it ticks every box.

The F-Series is for the progressive rider that wants a high-jumping, floaty, free-ride, performance kite with a large predictable depower range, simple and effective safety system, effortless relaunch and bomb-proof construction. With a crisp and direct bar feel, easy edging control and smooth, clean aerodynamics the F-Series offers easy, predictable and consistent riding whether you’re just starting out or longing to jump into orbit and float around with the birds. Designed to save you time, get you riding longer and enjoying every minute, the F-Series puts the joy back into kitesurfing.

£900 Kite Only (currently £550)
£1200 Complete with Mutiny Control Bar (currently £750)

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Every part of the F-Series, including our time saving Quick PumpTM system and Clean Kite Concept (CKC™), has been designed specifically to make getting on the water and enjoying yourself quicker, safer and easier than ever, whatever your ability. Employing a swept leading edge, flattened front arc and slightly flared tips you get enormous boost and float, a large power range and easy relaunch combined with a light and fast turning, high-performance kite.

Accessible Performance:

The F-Series offers easy, problem-free riding and faster progression for any rider, whatever your ability. With staggering performance and a vast power range from its fast, powerful profile, hybrid bridle system and swept planform, the F-Series gives you a crisp, comfortable bar feel, predictable turn speed and simple relaunch with the confidence to tackle an extremely large range of conditions and styles. Ease yourself slowly into high performance kitesurfing or explore the dizzy heights that max power has to offer.

Enormous Jumps and Massive Hangs

This kite boosts! When you send the F-Series, the large power variation, fast profile and high aspect ratio centre all work together to launch you into huge effortless jumps just by pulling in the bar. With refined aerodynamics, carefully adjusted canopy shaping and trailing edge stiffeners we’ve minimised the drag and produced a kite with lightning acceleration, a crisp feedback and unrivalled hang-time. You’ll be surprised how high you go, how long you stay up and how easy it all was.

Clean Kite Concept:

The Mutiny Clean Kite Concept ensures the smoothest aerodynamics possible. The new Quick Pump system has unique, flush-fitting valves and tubes which neatly follow the strut intersections. Our trailing edge flow stabilisers, stream-lined strut ends,  wrinkle-free, rugged exoskeleton and smoother glued overlap seams minimize the drag even more. There is nothing left exposed to interrupt the air flow or catch your lines when crashing your kite. With the direct rear line connection, optimised tow point positions and our load distributed panels you’ll find the F-Series to be crisp and smooth through the sky, have direct, responsive handling and a light bar pressure that doesn’t cause fatigue.

Safe Design:

The F-Series is a high performance kite with a reliable safety system, safe line connectors and a bomb proof design allowing progression without the worry of injury or kite damage. Although the F-Series has a huge depower range, your Quick Release will stop it pulling completely and land it gently. With an easy relaunch and no tangles thanks to our CKC™ you can learn new moves with confidence. Our super tough, light weight, Technoforce canopy distributes the forces from our double prestretched, extra strong flying lines perfectly across the sail area and with our Exo-Tech™ exoskeleton reinforcing the load bearing areas of your kite you’ll have a safe, easy-to-use, direct kite that lasts

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