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Dirt Scooter Introduction
Dirt Scooters are a new take on traditional street and park Stunt Scooters with elements of BMX and Mountainboarding. Unlike traditional scooters Dirt Scooters can be ridden anywhere and appeal to a much larger audience. Previously inaccessible terrain, tracks and drops can now ridden with the help of 8" off road tyres! 
Dirt Scooter Compatibility
Because Dirt Scooters are so new and each brand has done their own thing there is no "standards" for dirt scooters at present. Most Dirt Scoots can be adapted to run other brands parts and components. Because there are different wheel/scooter combos available we recommend grabbing some M10 washers incase you need to pad out your axles. When fitting extra washers install them on the outside of the original spacers closest to the deck or forks. 

All ATS (All Terrain Scooters) we stock currently run on 8mm bearing widths with 8" tyres. 
MBS, Trampa and Scrub mountainboard wheels all use a 28mm external bearing diameter. The Royal Dirt scooters require a bearing with an internal of 9.5mm where as the Phase Two Dirt, and Dirt Machine scooters require a 10mm inner. 
Royal Scooters are using 12mm x 9.5mm bearings which are a standard from the mountainboard industry.
Phase Two are using x 10mm bearings.
Dirt are using x 10mm bearings.
Dirt Scooter Upgrades
Like standard Stunt Scooters there are all sorts of upgrades and parts that will require regular maintenance and upkeep. 
Wheels/Hubs: At present we stock a range of upgrade wheels from MBS, Trampa and Scrub. These are all downhill board brands that we have worked closely with for years and now can be used on dirt scooters. Like normal scooters you can buy plastic, metal and hybrid wheels. Metal are obviously the strongest but also they are generally heavier than plastic wheels. 
Tyres: Like car tyres Dirt Scooter tyres have different compounds and tred patterns. This makes them better in some situations and locations. There are some specific slick style tyres available which run faster and smoother in a street or park environment. 
Bars: Depending on the compression used on your Dirt Scooter you should be able to use most scooter bars that are currently available. If your scooter is running SCS you should be able to use standard or oversized bars. If your scooter is running HIC you will need to purchase over sized bars. Please also remember that Dirt Scooter bars are much shorter because of the geometry of the decks and headtubes. You may need to cut your new bars down when adding them to your ride. 
Headsets: At present all Dirt Scooters are using standard size headsets. This means you can replace your standard or integrated headset like for like with any other model on our website. 
Grips: Bar grips are completely standard. Any grips available on our website will fit your Dirt Scoot.
Dirt Scooter Maintenance
Certain parts of a Dirt Scooter will naturally wear out even if you take good care of it. Where traditional street scooters would not be ridden in damp or wet conditions Dirt Scooters will be taken down dirt tracks and through woods. It is inevitable that the griptape and headset will wear much faster in these conditions. 
Tyres will wear down much like a bike or car tyre. Using a tyre designed for dirt and off roading in a skatepark or on concrete will dramatically reduce its life span. Likewise heavy braking will also burn through rubber. The best thing to keep your Dirt Scooter in top condition is to make sure it is cleaned and dried regularly. Also it is advisable to keep a couple of spare 8" inner tubes available in your bag when you are out and about.  
Where to ride Dirt Scooters
Although Dirt is in the name, Dirt Scooters can be ridden anywhere. You may want to change between slicks/roadie tyres and the supplied off road tyres depending on where you are riding. 

We have seen a lot of people riding Dirt Scooters at our indoor skatepark, in the local parks, on the streets and in the woods. Because you can push a Dirt Scoot to get you started you do not need big hills like mountain boards. 
Dirt Scooter Skatepark Flair