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Stunt Scooter Buyers Guide

Buying a Stunt Scooter for someone can be confusing, at first glance they can all look the same and there are many models to choose from, they start from as little as £40 and go to as much as £300 or more for custom setups.

We stock a wide variety of stunt pro scooters suitable for all sizes and ages, for commuting, riding around town and freestyle trick use - in and out of skate parks.

Things to Consider when buying a Scooter

Price - As with most things you get what you pay for, the higher the price the higher quality and range of components are made available. If you want something basic for commuting you do not need to spend £100+ on a stunt scooter for example.

Rider Skills - If you are going back and forward to school and are hopping on and off curbs a long the way you do not required something massively high end and expensive. Try to buy slightly above your rider level to allow for progression but do not go from owning a £40 scooter to a £400 scooter overnight.

Scooter height and weight - The very basic aluminium folding scooters are much shorter in bar height and also in weight, these are ideal for much younger riders and for those who want maximum portability from a scooter. Stunt scooters tend to use a fixed handlebar height so depending on the riders height you may need to cut your bars down to a more suitable height.

Scooter Warranty Information:

Most of our products come with a standard warranty because of the nature of stunt scooters and the use of products it is sometimes difficult to give accurate information on warranty and damage. Generally most scooter parts have a warranty period of 1-6 months depending on the manufacturer. Warranty does not apply to abused or misused products. This includes landing tricks wrong and smashing your scooter into things!


Wheels are one of our most returned items yet only a handful qualify for a warranty replacement from the manufacturer. Besides Proto, most warranties are handled in store by us and referred onto brands and distributors when required. It is not uncommon for wheels to dehub when they have suffered impacts to the side of the PU and core. This generally happens when landing off center or when mis-landing whip tricks. Where this applies wheels will not be replaced by the manufacturer.

Griptape like most other components is a consumable & can't not be warranted. We advise that scooters aren't used in the rain for many reasons, one of them being that the griptape is not designed for use in the wet. If you are using your scooter in wet conditions then the griptape may start to peal and/or loose its grip.