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Scooter Maintenance

How can I make sure my scooter last?

If you want to make your scooter last longer and increased it's life span then general maintenance will help such as tightening your scooter and making sure bolts don't come lose - generally making sure the scooter is assembled to a satisfactory level as detailed in the manufactures manual this will drastically reduce the chance of breakages or problem occurring.

Although scooters are designed for extreme they can still break and are not impervious to damage. Due to the nature of this extreme sport items will need to be replaced and maintained on a regular basis.

My bearings are rusty or making a weird noise

If you have rusty bearings thats because you have used your scooter in the wet. If you chose to use your scooter in the wet please be advised that they will go rusty and could seize up.

If you accidentally get caught out in the wet then dry your bearings as soon as possible and use a small bit of 3-in-1 bike oil. NEVER use WD40 to clean the bearings. This is a degreaser and will ruin your bearings, as WD40 removes the oil inside.

Bearings are not a warrantable item and are classes as a wear and tear problem unless they are not working straight out of the box but this is very uncommon.

My wheel has come out of line

On a HIC system this will be because the HIC is loose or because the clamp isn't tight. Please consult the manual of that scooter.

On a ICS scooter the front wheel will need to come off and the ICS bolt will need to be tighten and the collar clamp retightened - Please follow the instructions in your scooter manual.

On a threaded fork this is because the clamp is insufficiently tightened. Tighten up each bolt a little at a time, going back over each bolt a little bit more until the collar clamp is solid.

I have a rattle coming from my scooter

First of all make sure the scooter is assembled correctly; its always worth just consulting the manufacturer’s manual and to making sure everything is assembled to the standard that was intended by the manufacturer.

The main cause for noise is the axles not being tight or the headset not being tightened enough.

Something is wrong with my headset

The scooter headset is like a bike headset and has several moving parts which can be quite delicate, therefore it requires some looking after. If you use your scooter in the rain the headset may rust and the bearing case may fall apart. It is important to keep them clean, free of grit mud or water, if a headset starts to become less effective, it is important to take them apart and clean them (remembering the order of assembly). We also recommend using a purpose made lubricant and not grease - such as 3-in-1 bike oil and never WD40.

A headset is classed as a wearable part and may need exchanging at some point during the scooters life span.