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How To Scooter Videos

How To Videos Tutorials, Tips and Guides

Here you can find a selection of "How To" Micro Scooter Videos. Whether you want help changing your collar clamps, fitting new one piece bars, removing wheels and bearings or adjusting your wheel alignment and headset... We have you covered!

Not found what you are looking for? Think we have missed something? Please contact us with recommendations on what you would like to see here and we will do our best to get the content for you ASAP.

We are always updating this section so be sure to check back again soon! All of our videos are uploaded in HD so remember to hit the HD video button on the youtube links for the best quality viewing!

How To Fit or Change One Piece Bars


How To Fit or Change Wheels & Bearings

How To Fit or Change Stunt Pegs

How To Grip A Micro Scooter