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Apex Boards 12S8P 20.8Ah Battery pack for Trampa Monsterbox

Want great range and simplicity with a smart battery this Apex 12S8P just drops into Trampa Monsterbox for 20.8Ah or about 20 mile range!

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Apex Boards 12S 10A Lion 240v Battery Charger
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Batteries for electric mountainboards are always a bit of a strange subject for the "less techy" riders that just want to charge and shred. The LiPo batteries are great but need smart expensive chargers to get the best and also need to be looked after very carefully otherwise can be problems with fire and holding charge. Many riders have been moving over to the Li-Lon Cell based batteries with a BMS (Battery Management System) to be able to look after the batteries easier. But to do this you needed to get a custom battery made or know how to make one, until now this  is a drop in plug and play battery for the Trampa Monsterbox made by people who understand batteries!

Apex have tried to create a "standard size" battery around the most popular battery box sizes for electric mountainboards, the trampa monsterbox and the peli 1200 case. The battery is build inside a fused nylon frame and custom PCB with BMS built in for connection over bluetooth. The whole thing is also shrunk wrapped up for the best way to keep moisture or damp out. The chargers are simple units that just plug in and charge and the battery does everything else automatically! 

12S8P 20800mAh Battery pack for Trampa Monsterbox Battery Specifications:

  • 12S - 12 Cells in series to create nominal voltage of 44.4v
  • 8P - 8 Parellell cell packs to create the range
  • Weight 4.94Kg
  • External Sizes 230mm x 190mm x 70mm
  • Capacity - 20.8Ah (20800mAh) which equates to 24+ miles of riding range for most riders.
  • Battery has a 3 month comprehensive warranty, the terms of which are found below.
  • Shipping only available for UK Customers.
  • Suggested VESC battery limits,  Voltage Cutouts:  Start - 38V   -   End - 36V



Installation instructions for MK4 Monsterbox with Power Switch (Other boxes are similar)

  • Open the lid of your Monsterbox and note the existing loom connecting the VESC's and the charge port together.  Snip the cable tie that holds the charge port and remove the loom from the VESC's and put it to one side, you wont need this anymore.
  • Locate the charge adaptor that we provide in the package and cable tie this in place of the old charge port, this will leave you with a small plug on the end that you will note interfaces to the charge wiring on your new battery (wire with the fuse holder)
  • connect the other 2 wires from the battery to the VESC's and slot the battery in.
  • bolt the top plate back on the Monsterbox, charge and go ride.

Software for the Smart BMS built into the battery:

  • IOS users search for ”XiaoxiangBMS” in the App store
  • Android users download the app from here. Please note there are multiple versions, not all work for all Android versions.  Please download the latest one and try that first.

Apex Boards Battery Warranty:

  • Each Apex battery pack is hand crafted and made to order.  
  • We take pride in our work and only use the best materials and cells to make packs that stand the test of time.
  • We are happy to offer a 3 month warranty for any battery that we have built but you must take care and agree not to do the following
    • Run your battery beyond 3V per cell (36V for a 12S pack)
    • get your battery wet or extremely hot
    • drop, crush or damage your battery in any way
    • Only use Apex approved chargers to charge them
    • never open the heat shrink to inspect them
    • If you fail to observe these rules then unfortunately we cannot repair your battery



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