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ATBShop Simple ESC Box

This box is designed by us at ATBShop to solve a purpose. Simply mount the ESC's on the back of a mountainboard deck with least fuss and cost just bolt on. Note made to order please allow 2-3 days for shipping.

£29.95 - £74.90
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So to understand this box you need to understand the logic behind the design. We were modifying mountainboards and wanted to add electric power but to keep the flex and feel of the board as it was and not change or damage the deck. We searched a lot and found may DIY builders used the rear mounted ESC systems and it kept the wiring simple, battery in the middle, cable over the binding and ESC on the back plugging directly into the motors.

The ATBShop Simple ESC box is a simple way of connecting your ESC's to your favourite deck and trucks and "keep it simple" also as with original Ford's then it comes printed in simple plain black!

There were a lot of speed controller boxes out there designed for Unity and other ESC's but they were all quite complex, expensive and often involved extra wiring customisation extra heatsinks and more complex things.  Or there was the little peli plastic boxes which seemed to either cook the VESC's or look a bit too DIY rather than neat. We thought it doesn't need to be this complicated it just needs to be simple! These Trampa VESC's have good heatsinks already if they are vented to air so the inverted ESC design was born. We started sketching some designs with our team riders and quickly came up with a rough design that seemed good so just needed to make it! So during lockdown 2020 we impulse bought a 3D printer and decided to get this sorted!  A lot of boxes and iterations later then we have kind of settled on a design that just works and fulfils the original idea "keep it simple".  

We now also have a Unity / Xenith ESC Case with optional extra heatsink (needed to fit Xenith/Unity). This box should also fit the Spintend UBox but has been untested for fit and then doesn't need the heatsink due to the ESC design.

ATBShop Simple ESC Box VESC HD-60T

There are more designs in the development at the moment for other ESC designs but we have the Trampa VESC versions for the VESC6 and HD-60T available now in two options, cable exit top or cable exit bottom. The difference here is if you are running trampa motors or similar with short wiring then you need the top exit version otherwise if your motors have long cables then the bottom exit is easier to use.


  • These are 3D Printed in the shop to order so please allow 2-3 working days delivery as it takes over 24hrs to print the two parts.
  • If you have a 3d printer and want to use the design and print yourself then please email us and we can send you the files to print yourself as long as you don't upload them to an online repository just peer shared design.
  • Due to being 3D printed using PLA+ material then they are not indestructible but are environmentally friendly plastic free compostable material but does age over time. But we have been using these for over a year and have been lasting well. 
  • Don't get too close with a heat gun, this material is heat sensitive!
  • We recommend mounting a 1mm thick gasket skate riser (like the enuff shockpads we sell in the shop) between the box and the deck to reduce vibration.
  • We supply the box including the inserts and bolts to hold the box together, you will need your own bolts for your ESC's and to fix through to your trucks.
  • These are supplied as a DIY item as is and we do not take responsibility for any damage caused though not maintaining the bolt tightness etc in use.
  • These boxes are NOT water proof or have any waterproof rating. We don't recommend riding in the rain or wet weather, we have used these ourselves for some time in damp and muddy conditions and not had issue but can't guarantee this if you decide to get it proper wet!

ATBShop Simple ESC Box VESC6

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