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Flipsky 63100 Battle Hardened Electric Motor

These Flipsky 63100 are huge motors for massive power and torque on bigger electric boards or riders. Evolved over a few years they have been improved to give great reliable performance.

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These Flipsky 63100 Electric motors are the huge version of the super popular 6374 and 6384 infact they make the 6374 motors look so tiny when next to them! They are great for those that want even more torque from the longer magnets and don't worry about the increased weight if ripping it on off road boards on big tyres.   But please make sure you have space for these motors on your setup as they are very big. Also if wanting to get the best from them then you also need a very powerful ESC as we have seen these error a lot on smaller power dual units due to the wattage pulled.The Flipsky motors have been refined over the time and are now called "Battle Hardened" this means the magnets are epoxy glued to the case for extra durability from impacts and vibration. The bearings on the motor shaft have grown bigger to be stronger and the main shaft is now 10mm and this version steps down to 8mm with a keyway.  The sensors are fixed securely and the temp sensor gives a good accurate reading for low temps for a almost sealed motor.

Looking for the most power you can? These Flipsky 63100 are huge just check the sizes to see if they will fit your mounts and if your ESC is capable for the power they need!

This motor is diameter 63mm and overall length of 100mm so compatible with a lot of mounting systems but beware although the motor shaft is 30mm long and will fit mounts that have extra bearings next to can.   

What KV do I need?

We sell these motors with a few different KV values. KV is the revolutions per minute rpm of the motor when 1v is applied and no load. So basically a higher KV motor will achieve a higher top speed with the same board (i.e. gearings, voltage etc). But motors are most efficient at the faster turning end of their range so if wanting more torque at lower speeds then a lower KV motor is more desirable. But more torque can also be from longer magnets and windings not just the KV value so it's always a balance to choose. If interested to check and compare speeds then check out the esk8 calculator


The cables are pre-soldered and braided with 4mm bullet connectors and hall sensor plug ready to connect. All motors have been checked with vesc tool detection before shipping to ensure there are no problems. We test and warranty all these motors for general esk8 use. If plugs are changed or soldered or water damage is evident then warranty is voided. Please check motor is working  yourself before changing any connections.

Flipsky 63100 Electric Motor Specifications:

  • Max Power: 5500 Watts
  • Max Current: 100 Amps
  • Max Volts: 4-13S 
  • Max Torque: 10Nm
  • Weight: 1400g
  • Motor length: 100mm
  • Motor diameter: 63mm
  • Shaft Diameter 8mm, 30mm length
  • Motor Wire:  12AWG wire with 4.0mm Gold Bullet Connector Male.
  • Stator: 0.2mm thickness lamination japan steel
  • Magnet: N42SH high temp curve magnet
  • BLDC Motor Number of pole: 14
  • Hall Sensors Voltage 5V
  • The screws used for the motor are M4 metric bolts.  Depth inside motor is 5mm.
  • Screws to mount the motor are not included with the motor.
  • Female Bullet connectors and keyway are included.

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