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Trampa Open Belt Drive OBD 66T Electric Motor Mount

Simple to fit and maintain for 8in tyre boards the Open Belt Drive OBD 66T Motor Mount is just that! Great for dry riding a smooth, quiet belt drive system. Many colour options too.

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The Trampa OBD or Open Belt Drive was a new product from Trampa in 2020 and it filled a gap in their range for a belt drive system that is easy to maintain and setup and smooth and easy to use. Pulling the motors up away from the ground and keeping everything exposed makes it durable and smooth so great for pump track riding and jumping. It is also super light weight in comparison to Spur Drive so has some great advantages for many people. But there is one thing it doesn't like and that is lots of mud. It gets caught up in the belt and pulleys and needs cleaning or the belt can snap. But as long as you don't go full on mud plugging then it's only a belt once in a while and if you are proper mud plugging then a sealed gear drive is what you should have anyway!

Fitting the Open Belt Drive 66T you need the Trampa CNC Infinity or Vertigo trucks as it needs the precision 20mm square shape to fit perfectly. There is a choice of pulley stand-offs for Hypa Hubs or Superstar/Phatlat Hubs.  Motors and motor protection is supplied separately.

Super lightweight and easy to fit and maintain the Open Belt Drive is the goto drive system for Trampa boards wanting to save weight and jump! Also available in a variety of colours please contact us.

There are two different OBD drive plates the 66T which fits 8in wheels and also with modification can fit smaller 6in or even longboard wheels. Then there is the 77T version which is only recommended for 9in Tyres due to the limited ground clearance on the pulley and belt. Then you have some choices on Pinion Size for torque or speed. Smaller Pinion 13T is perfect for offroad use while the 14T gives higher speed but reduced torque. We supply this mount with the 13T as standard as we find it the most versatile for 8in wheels.


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In this Kit you get the following parts -
1x OBD Open Belt Drive Motor Mount Connector Panel for 66 tooth Pulleys - GOOFY
1x OBD Open Belt Drive Motor Mount Connector Panel for 66 tooth Pulleys - REGULAR
2x M6 x 25mm Socket Capped Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel
2x OBD Motor Adaptor with Housed Bearing
2x TRAMPA abec 7 608 or Si4n5 Ceramic Longboard & Skateboard Bearings
8x M4x10mm Dome Headed TORX Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
2x M4 x 20mm Socket Capped TORX Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
2x 20mm Stainless Steel Tension Roller Housing for 20mm Belts
2x TRAMPA abec 7 608 or Si4n5 Ceramic Longboard & Skateboard Bearings
2x Sprung Steel E-CLIP for Belt tension roller secures 608 bearing in position.
2x Step SPACER used for positioning the 20mm Tension Roller on OBD Drive
2x M6 x 25mm HEX Head Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel
2x 20mm Steel Motor pulley Custom option 13, 14 or 15 Tooth
2x M4 x4mm Hardened BLACK Steel Grub Screw - Locks Motor Pinion on Axel
2x Motor Pulley M3 x3 x12mm Keyway for 2mm Pulley
12x Pully mounting Spacer Nuts
2x Slave Pulley for URBAN Mountainboard
12x Bolts for fixing 44 tooth Slave Pulley to Hypa hubs M4x40
2x STRONGBELT 415 x 20mm HTD 5M HP - OBD 66 Tooth Motor Mounts
Weight: 1,152g

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