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Atom Longboards Electric H10 Longboard Skateboard

Atom have been working hard on an exciting new, mid priced and high quality, range over the past few years. Here we have the Electric longboards.

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We knew we had found something good with this one. The Atom Electric H10 Longboard came in and we were far from disappointed. This board punches a lot of power for such a small, compact board. All this is thanks to the high performance brushless DC hub motors and genuine Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells. The 36in Hybrid bamboo/maple deck is such a beautiful ride, sitting on reverse kingpin precision trucks and super high rebound 70mm wheels. The H10 delivers complete control from the palm of your hand with its comfortable and stylish 2.4GHz remote control and regenerative braking system. With the Atom Electric H10 Longboard under your feet, you will be sure to be cruising around with a beaming smile! 

Please note: This is the perfect lifestyle communting electric skateboard and is isn't suitable for extreme longboard downhilling and sliding. Super fun but be aware around extreme heat, water, grit and other debris that can get inside or short things out.


Lightweight and compact motors hidden inside the wheel. Hub motors are the lightest and smallest option for electric longboards.
Low Maintenance - No belts or gears, minimising maintenance delivering performance year after year
Same Longboard Feel - The ride of this feels exactly like a longboard, yet with power! Thanks to the low resistance hub motor, this board can be pushed like a normal longboard too! 
Regenerative Motor - This means the motor will charge up as you brake, keeping your batteries full
Battery Level Indication - Don't get caught out, a clear indicator helps you know when its time to turn back
2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control fits comfortable in your hand, giving this an easy to use, comfortable feel.
Twin Speed Mode - Slow speed for those first time or nervous riders, fast mode unleashes the beast!
Superior Software - The B Series offer smooth acceleration and braking, compared to other, cheaper and jolty brands, again forming a much safer ride.
Durability - Atom have enclosed the batteries in a compact die-cast aluminium box, keeping important features cool and safe.
Comes Fully Assembled with Charger and Remote.

Max Mileage* 8 miles
Max Speed: 16 mph
Max Gradient** 10%
Max Rider Weight: 100 kg
Max Recommended Rider Weight: 91 kg
Board Weight: 4.7 kg
Deck Material: Bamboo and Maple
Deck Length: 36 in
Deck Width: 9.4 in
Battery Type: Lithium Ion (18650)
Battery Cells: 10S (Panasonic)
Battery Ah: 2.6 Ah
Battery Voltage (Nominal): 36 V
Charger Voltage: 42 V
Charger Output (Amps): 1 A
Battery Wh: 100 Wh
Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
USB Accessory Charging Port?: Yes 5V / 1.5A
Motor Type: Brushless Direct Current
Motor Max Power Rating: 700W
Braking Type: Regenerative Braking
Motor Sensors: Hall Sensors
Wheel Material: Super High Rebound PU
Wheel Dimensions: 83mm X 56mm
Wheel Hardness: 78A
Remote Battery Type: AAA
ESC Software: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

*Mileage is based on a 70kg person riding conservatively on relatively smooth and flat terrain with minimal wind. Actual mileage varies depending on rider weight, riding surface, hills, wind, clothing, and most importantly riding habits. To achieve maximum mileage kick to start, accelerate slowly, coast when possible, brake lightly,and ride below max speed. Going slower means going further.

** Max grade calculated based on 70kg rider riding on smooth surface with mild breeze at full charge. Actual max grade depends on rider weight, riding surface, and battery level.

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