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Electric Boards - Trampa

Electric boards are the revolution sweeping the world. Get to work or college or just rip up the streets. No need for gravity to power you along the future is electric.
Trampa Boards Ltd are composite specialists, producing all terrain mountain boards and kite boards. Trampa are the first mountain board & kite board manufacturer in the world to be able to produce a bullet proof, rider weight specific, custom handmade mountain and kite board deck, that can be super flexi or stiff.  
Trampa - Open Belt Drive 66T 8in Electric Mountainboard

Trampa Open Belt Drive 66T 8in Electric Mountainboard

Super versatile lightweight and easy to maintain and use. The Open Belt Drive 66T is an awesome all rounder board for off road riding. Great balance if new to electric riding.
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Trampa - Pro Spur Drive Electric Mountainboard

Trampa Pro Spur Drive Electric Mountainboard

The Motorcross bike of the e-skate world! Power & torque for real offroading and go places you never imagined. The Pro Spur Trampa e-mtb is just mental! Note: Batteries or charger are not included.
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Almost as good as a hoverboard out of back to the future the electric skateboard is the future of transport as far as we are concerned. Tracks that weren't possible to ride before become awesome. On road or off road electric skateboards get you riding everywhere in new dimensions. Single or dual motor setups and expanding ranges make the boards better and better. Want some advise on the right electric board for you then contact us at ATBShop as we love to ride them so can advise you the best board for you.