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Helmets - Rekd Protection - Junior

A helmet is an essential piece of equipment, regardless of the sport. Here on ATBShop, we offer a wide selection of helmets from some of the best brands available. Designed to keep your head safe in case of impact when shredding hills on a mountainboard or longboard, Skating or Scooting at the skate park or cruising along the beach with your kite. Play Safe - You will live longer!
REKD strives to create distinctive, attractive products that provide optimum protection, support and comfort whilst giving the premium look that modern riders demand.
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Rekd Protection - Junior Elite 2.0 Helmet White

Rekd Protection Junior Elite 2.0 Helmet White

The 2.0 version of the Rekd Elite Junior helmet is a redesign based of the ultralite model. Great fit and super high specification for the price you can't go wrong!
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