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Best Kiteboarding Armada V2 Kitesurf Board


The Best Armada V2 is the latest version of this popular freeride twintip from Best Kiteboarding. Great for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers.

RRP £499.00 £289.99
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Best Kiteboarding Armada V2 Freeride and Freestlye Kitesurfing Board 2011 The Armada sets sail once again with an all new package of advanced build quality and construction technologies usually only reserved for much more expensive boards.

Best Armada V2 137cm 2011
Best Armada V2 134cm 2011

RRP £499

Our Supremo wood core uses a laminated Paulownia construction with a UNI-Directional reinforcement tape spine to deliver the perfect blend of low weight and high strength between your feet. A PVC foam core-surround with integrated flex-tips gives you low swing weight and provides bullet proof durability for all conditions riding.

A smooth waisted outline with a shallow concave keeps the board responsive underfoot, helping to maximize low-end ability without adding volume. Thinning the core towards the tips of the board allows smooth progressive carving through the turns and gives you ample flex for checking in even the roughest landing or smoothing out the heaviest chop.

The Armada board delivers top flight performance and construction for less money than you would expect. Its blend of light weight, high strength, easy handling and great looks make it the ideal freeride board all riders..

Complete with Lux Air Footstraps & Pads, Grab Handle, Fins

Excuse the photos - Wanted to show just how glossy the top sheet is, This board looks stunning in the flesh! Super Smooth!

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Supremo Wood core:

A composite core construction using laminated Poplar wood sections provides the ideal balance of high strength and great shock absorption. If you want one board for tackling everything from heavy chop conditions to nailing your latest freestyle trick in butter conditions then the Supremo Wood core delivers.

PVC Core Surround:

Linking the Supremo Wood Core to the Deep-section ABS rail, our new PVC Core Surround allows us to taper and shape the tips of your board to provide the perfect combination of easy carving flex and low swing weight; ensuring that your Armada is as agile on the water as it is above it.

Uni-D Tape Spine:

A high-strength Unidirectional-glass tape runs across the center of your new Armada providing added tip-to-tip stiffness for greater pop and faster feedback to conditions underfoot. It's the backbone of the improved jumping performance in the new Armada range.

Flex Tips:

A great board needs progressive flex to be able to resist the low frequency impacts of heavy landings and still be able to soak up the high frequency chatter generated by riding through choppy water at speed. The Armada design carefully blends the core profile and deck concave depth to provide you with Controlled Flex zones that deliver the smoothest riding board we’ve ever made.

Triax Lay-up:

The 2011 Armada uses multiple weight biaxial and uni-directional cloth in a ‘0 -45 +45’ layup to provide precise control of board flex, ensuring a lively feel and swift reaction to rider input. Biax cloth provides a stable foundation and resistance to torsional flex, while an additional lightweight uni-directional laminate provides control of tip-to-tip flex allowing us to dial in the perfect combination of flex for every board size and every rider weight.

Discreet Mounting System:

The flex-pattern of your board defines how controlled and comfortable it feels underfoot. Utilizing individual mounting blocks for the strap inserts means your Armada's performance is not compromised by having 4x1 insert blocks. The discreet inserts on your Armada board are each thermally bonded in place during the molding process for the most positive contact between insert and core.

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