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Brunotti Boomer 5ft 8in Kite Wave Board

Delivering the ultimate combination of control and snap on small to medium sized waves, the Boomer is exactly what it says on the tin! Expect only the best results!

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There is no photo that can truly justify how beautiful this board is until it is underneath you on the face of a wave. Whether rain or shine you will be have more fun on the Boomer than you will thinking about the conditions you are in. Crafted to perfection by Jinne Sietsma the Brunotti Boomer is a hybrid/ new school design. It's quad fin, fish tail setup allows for some aggressive slashing and ripping of the smaller to medium sized waves. With grip rails running the length of the nose;  strapless freestyle and throwing in a cheeky  grab every now and then compliment this boards riding style.

Brunotti Boomer 5ft 8in Kite Wave Board nose

This aggression can only be achieved by a strong and durable sandwich construction which results in a reduction of thickness and weight for a better board to water feel. Combined with Brunotti's Extended Honeycomb top sheet the Boomer is both harder and more resilient to ankle dents and cracks caused from a heavy days session. This Extended Honeycomb material is not only highly dent resistant but also disperses impacts and vibrations while allowing a little flex where it matters.

In the centre of the board we have a convex arch to keep your front foot locked in and to initialise pressure dispersal from heal to toe easier in order to really throw in those tight turns. To withstand the pressure of these turns Brunotti have added in 3RF Tech reinforcement which disperses any sideways pressure on the fin throughout the board. For those of you who prefer riding straps the Brunotti Boomer can provide with inserts running along the centre of the board and two straps included.  To finish off the boards design specs we have this incredible carbon weave for extra reinforcement, durability and stiffness.

Brunotti Boomer 5ft 8in Kite Wave Board fin boxes

Don't be put off by how aggressive this board can be as being 5ft 8in in height offers plenty of stability for anyone 70-90kg and just starting out with directionals. Using a four fin set up with this board allows you to really commit to your turns even on the smaller waves while the boards super thin design and grip rails offer a harder holding edge for those of you coming straight from a twin tip.

To finish it all off we have a GoPro or sports action camera mount at the tip of the board so you can record and share you sessions with others!

The Brunotti Boomer 5ft 8in kitesurfing surfboard tech specs:

  • Smaller/ medium sized wave and freestyle
  • 5ft 8in
  • For riders of 70- 90kg
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Beginner to expert
  • strapped or strapless riding style
  • Quad fin setup
  • Swallow tail
  • Sandwich construction
  • 3 RF Tech reinforced finbox
  • Extended honeycomb reinforcement
  • Carbon weave finish
  • Tail pad included
  • Inbuilt GoPro/ action camera mount
Brunotti Boomer 5ft;8in


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