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CrazyFly Hexa Kitesurf Binding

Comfort and adjustability defined for any shape or size of foot. The Hexa Binding can be moved in six different directions and can be adjusted quickly and easily!

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Brand new for 2016, the Hexa binding utilizes up to six different positions that can be adjusted quickly and easily! Whether you have awkward feet or prefer a specific fit, the Hexa binding can provide comfort like no other. This adjustability also provides a comfortable use with neoprene boots for when winter kicks in! 

crazyfly hexa kiteboard kitesurfing pads and straps bindings adjustability

CrazyFly designers have been hard at work to create the most comfortable, ergonomic fit that can also provide a high level of performance. Like the rest of CrazyFly's products, they have used premium materials  and made within Europe.


This Binding may not fit certain older CrazyFly boards. Please check your boards compatibility before purchasing. This binding will fit any standard fitments of 6".

CrazyFly Hexa Kitesurf Binding kiteboard compatibility chart

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