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Liquid Force Kites Echo Wake Style Kitesurf Board

For wakestyle lovers looking for the perfect crossover board for the cable and the kite. The Liquid Force Echo is getting a legendary following for full on kite wakeboard!

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Undeniably the most bomb proof and quality built kiteboard in Liquid Forces range, the Liquid Force Echo is not only a staff favourite at ATBShop but also pro board to american 3x Triple S Champion Brandon Scheid. Designed by legendary wakeboard and kiteboard shaper Jimmy Redmon, the Echo is the perfect blend of both kitesurfing and wakeboarding disciplines by adding in a grind base for the cable and kite parks. That is not to say the LF Echo is a true breed wakeboard; featuring a hybrid flex on the tip and tail the Echo's belly sits a the stiffer end of the kite board chart yet not anywhere close to that of a true wakeboard.

A personal favourite to one of our staff and is the board of choice when it comes to trips abroad when theres a beach and a cable park within close proximity. Its bomb proof design has been put to the test of abuse with no signs of damage to show for it. The Liquid Force Echo is for the rider with the heavier landing riding style that likes to show off their "go big" wakestyle and freestyle riding!

Liquid Force Echo Sizes and Suggested Rider Weights:

  • 137cm x 42cm Rider Weight 65KG – 85KG
  • 142cm x 42.5cm Rider Weight >75KG

Having this flexibility provides explosive pop out of the water alongside a level of dampening when coming in on those hot landings. A high rocker line provides you with the stability to see those landings through and keep your nose and tail clear on the approach to obstacles and/ or chop. A grind base is an answer to all our prayers meaning your not going to destroy the board anywhere near as quick (take it from us) by hitting obstacles and riding over shells etc, as the flawless Liquid Force Construction is built to take a beating. The LF Echo also features a triple concave base running into a fluted contour on the tip and tail of the board for better grip, pressure dispersal on landings and control at higher speeds.

The Liquid Force Echo 2019 Kiteboard Specifications:

  • Flex tip and tail
  • Stiff belly
  • Grind base
  • M6 inserts
  • Profiled wood core
  • Printed gloss substrate for vibrant colour and reduced weight
  • Liquid Force exclusive liquid rails
  • Bi-axial longitudinal reinforcement strips

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