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Liquid Force Galaxy V2 Hydrofoil Kitesurf Board

Liquid Force Kites Galaxy V2 Hydrofoil Kitesurfing Board

The Liquid Force Galaxy V2 Hydrofoil has a unique moulded lightweight and durable honeycomb carbon construction that steps the Galaxy away from other foil boards.

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The Liquid Force Galaxy Hydrofoil Kiteboard is pure hydrofoil perfomance with cutting edge construction that make up the Galaxy Foil.  The unique moulded lightweight and durable honeycomb carbon construction is unique to Liquid Force and steps the Galaxy away from other boards.  Others think the board part is unimportant in a hydrofoil and you could strap a skateboard on top the mast but liquid force believe the two are just as important as each other and the interface between rider and foil is the board.  No detail was overlooked with the design of the Galaxy Hydrofoil Board it was built for the highest performance with your hydrofoil. The board outline and hull is very forgiving if you loose the foil lift and a double concave forward hull design helps with tracking when starting and also during planning or accidental touch back downs.  The beveled rail design helps with chop deflection when board is heeled right over and keeps the board in line with the foil direction.

Please note this is just the board to fit to your foil. We recommend the LF thruster foil or the LF rocket foil to go with the Galaxy Foil Board but many other standard foil systems will also fit.

Liquid Force Galaxy Foil Board Sizes and Volume:

  • 4ft 2in (50in) WIDTH: 19.5in VOLUME: 16.4L
  • 4ft 8in (56in) WIDTH: 20.5in VOLUME: 20.2L

The Galaxy Hydrofoil  have "feel good" concave deck which gives the rider great control and feedback from the foil to give greater precision in rinding. Adjustability and set up preference is also important and the track mounted foil system gives perfect adjustment for dialing in the foil position.  Full coverage EVA deck back complete wiht a kick tail for strapless riding finish off the package.  Three footstraps are included so you can chose your configuration of single strap, inline double or triple straps to your hards content. 

Liquid Force Galaxy Foil Board Specifications:

  • Core - EPS CNC shaped core
  • Shape - Hydrofoil specific shape to the needs of riding a foil
  • Inserts - Multiple insert configurations 3 strap or 2
  • Concave - Double concave forward hull design for efficient and rapid water deflection
  • Foil Track - Foil track mounting system
  • Grip - Full deck EVA

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.