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Liquid Force Moon Patrol Directional Twin Tip Kitesurf Board


The Moon Patrol from Liquid Force is a twin tip with directional aspirations! It doesn't take it self to seriously and is all about having fun, jumping and carving it up.

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Ok so the LF Moon Patrol is a bit different to your normal twin tip and super fun to play about with. The concept has come from Snowboards where directional fun snowboards have been increasing in popularity and Liquid Force think this perhaps could move over to kitesurfing boards?  The idea is to make a board that jumps well and rides in both directions like a twin tip but comes into it's own when ridden and carved  with a much more surfboard feel.  Coming in one size of 146cm and wide nose it also has plenty of light wind planing ability.

So if you want what they have done to make this happen? Watch the video below to see the overall tech described in an amazing american way. But in a nutshell they have put a heavily rockered board profile on the front, a flatter rocker board profile on the back, then shaped the board in a directional profile with a fatter nose and tapered tail. Lastly the inserts are setup to offer directional and twin stance options along with large and short fins.  It has m6 standard binding inserts so pop on your favourite bindings and get out there riding. We have been using the liquid force solo footpads and they work great on this board.

Liquid Force Moon Patrol Rocker Line Photo

Liquid Force Moon Patrol Base Channels

ATBShop Review of the Liquid Force Moon Patrol:
We have had the chance to take the LF Moon Patrol out for a few sessions in various conditions and we really like the fun element of this and want to ride it more. It isn't going to replace a full on freestyle board but rides "different" but really nice. You forget it's a directional and can just ride it like a twin but then as you start carving about and slashing the narrower tail and fatter nose with set back stance just gives super surfy carves.  The board also jumps really well in both directions and doesn't punish or scare you landing backwards. The longer board and mid flex design really cuts through chop well and smooths everything out. It excels in messy surf and chop when often it wouldn't be a great session this puts a smile on your face! This board is perfect for the average kitesurfer that want's to ride a directional and carve it up but doesn't want to take the whole plunge into full blown surfboard or strapless. It's a fun progression board that doesn't take itself too seriously.

ATBShop Liquid Force Moon Patrol Review Picture

If you want this in american tech then it a futuristic board shape to take you to the next dimension of kiteboarding! It is a directional water transport machine that is not bound by one way sign! A tapered tale and setback centre stance lets you slash across all water surfaces. The asymmetrical rocker line with more nose entry rocker than tail absorbs monster chop and towering whitewater. T.F.R. Technology (tips front and rear) allow you to blast off the nose or the tail. Unlike previous mutant board the single concave bottom contour through the tips, directing water through the fins for upwind riding. The Liquid Force Moon Patrol comes with 6 fins 4x4cm and 2x5cm to allow the rider to step up the rear fins for more hole and drive.

Liquid Force Moon Patrol Board Spec Graphic

Liquid Force Moon Patrol Board on Beach


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