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Liquid Force Rocket Fish Kitesurfing Hydrofoil Board


Looking to start your professional Hydrofoiling career as a beginner? Then your going to want a beginner friendly board that is high performance yet affordable!

£439.95 - £1229.95
In Stock & Available for delivery

Progression and succession seen at it's own level of high performance that is not only incredibly fun and a whole new look to kitesurfing, but an extremely affordable way of pushing yourself in to a quickly rising aspect of the sport.

For any kitesurfer that has arrived at the beach to find there is barely enough wind to get a kite in the air and yet, there is that one guy on a hydrofoil out on the water loving life. They will know that hydrofoiling is quickly becoming a thing of the future. Naturally futuristic things come with a rather futuristic price tag to accompany it as well as . 

Not in this case; The Liquid Force Rocket Fish is your easy going  road to progression that doesn't bring you misery with the bank! Featuring a multi-purpose adjustable mast mounting system on the bottom of the board allows you to adjust the amount of forward lean required while riding. This combined with a thin profiled mast and low aspect wings  make for the ultimate free ride Hyrdofoil. Laidies and gentleman; the easy progression, the durable, the adjustable, the mighty Liquid Force Rocket Fish.

Please note: This board is sold in two parts; the Liquid Force Rocket Fish and the Liquid Force Hydrofoil .

The specs:

  • 5' 0" board (Red) / 4'8'' board (Black)
  • Rocket foil kit
  • Foil Kit
  • 3x Straps
  •  Fins
  • All mounting hardware
  • Foil kit travel case

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