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Liquid Force Space Craft 2018 Kitesurfing Board

Liquid Force Kites Space Craft 2018 Kitesurf Board

A tin tip, directional kiteboard designed with one purpose in mind; fun! Whatever your style, this board will make you feel like a kid again!

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Introducing one of Liquid Force's Hippie Stick line up: the Space Craft twin tip, directional kiteboard. For those days you just cant be bothered to take life seriously and feel like being a kid again. Well here is your excuse for just that. Inspired from the classic mutant shaped kiteboards (hybrids) the Space Craft uses the very same wood core layup as found in their modern boards. However it doesn't just stop there, the nose of the board uses the same higher rocker line found in the Liquid Force Legacy; this eats up any chop and white water while keeping the nose out of the water on waves or any other situation you find yourself in! The tapered tail end of the board uses a lower rocker line found on the LF Drive for not only a smoother planing but believe it or not you can power your way up wind as easy on the tail as you could using the nose!

Liquid Force Hippie Stick Space Craft Kitesurf Kiteboard atbshopThe LF Space Craft uses a pulled back centred (between the stance) hips similar to its counterpart sibling the Moon Patrol however with however with a wider tail for a more carvey/ snowboard style feel. With a choice of four inserts to choose from you have free roam over your stance options; you can center off your stance and ride this beauty as though riding a super fun twin tip or bring that back foot right back for extra slashing and dashing fun in the chop and waves.  Last but not least we have a contour/ concave on the bottom of the board to really grip into the water, provide with some powerful pop and add some dampening to those landings!

Having ridden and tried this, what we found was a truly diverse board across a variety of different disciplines but ultimately resulting in making each more and more fun! Looking for a trip back in time.

The Space Craft comes with 6 fins to really mix up the fun on the water by using the smaller ones on the front!

The Liquid Force Hippie Stick Space Craft Kiteboard tech specs:

  • 144cm
  • Printed gloss substrate top sheet for vibrant graphics
  • Set back four pack M6 inserts
  • Biax longtudinal reinforcement strips
  • Profiled wood core
  • LF Liquid Rail
  • Printed matte substrate base
  • Biax/ triax fiber glass layup
  • Includes 4 x 4cm and 2 x 5cm fins


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