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Mystic Kite HP Leash Long 130cm

Finally a handle pass leash that is fit for the job of handle passing! Long stretching capabilities, super strong and grip to wreel the kite back in. What more do you want!

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Our staff here at ATBShop have been raving about these before they even hit the market. Finally a kitesurfing leash that caters for the more serious riders that is significantly more stronger than anything else out there. The Mystic HP Kite Leash does exactly what it says on the tin and is built with unhooking freestyle/ wake style riders in mind!

Mystic Kite HP Leash Long 130cm in listing colours

Tried and tested by the team (the hardest crashing of the team) the new Mystic HP leash has been given the thumbs up for exceptional durability and longevity. With an un-stretched length of 130cm there is plenty of length for 360's, 540's and 720's  without the worry of tangling yourself up. The carabiner uses a double swivel locking system which supports up to 1100kg (1.1 TON!!!) of weight/ pressure without bending or snapping like most other leashes on the market. The soft touch/ lightweight nylon material used on the leash itself makes a grippy surface for reeling the kite back in after letting go of the bar. 

We finish off this masterpiece of kite leash innovation by adding a super smooth and secure quick release safety system and a dash of bright colours to bring you the best leash money can buy. Stop buying cheap leashes that break and give your kite a break with the new Mystic Kite HP Long Leash.

The Mystic Kitesurfing HP Leash Long specs:

  • 130cm (un-stretched) of brilliance.
  • Soft touch and lightweight material
  • Non corrosive Double lock Carabiner with swivel (1100KG)
  • Neoprene carabiner cover
  • Designed for the unhooking freestyle/ wakestyle rider
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