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Ozone Porcher 9092 Adhesive Ripstop Repair Material

This is sticky backed Ripstop Nylon Porcher 9092 White but is almost transparent when applied. This gives instant repair for kite fabrics if stuck to both sides. Sheet size approx 25cm x 35cm

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If you have a small slice in your kite fabric for a small kids kite or a large power or  even kitesurfing kite this can help to repair. Used by ozone in their factory we buy large sheets and cut into smaller manageable sizes of approx 25cm x 35cm which is big enough for cutting up for plenty of patches on kites.  We supply a larger sheet to cut down as often edges loose their stickyness depending on storage and transport.

Use as a temporary repair on larger slices or more permanent for pinholes and small nicks and slices to stop them spreading.

  • This is a white fabric but is very thin so almost transparent when applied to colored kite fabric for repairs.
  • The Porcher sticky repair is great for semi permanent repair of pinholes and slices up to about 1cm length.  If longer rips then can be used as temporary repair while away but a stitched repair is advisable especially if in a high stress area of the kite.
  • Always clean the kite fabric first with an alcohol cleaning wipe and allow to dry before applying patch cut from the sheet.
  • Cut the fabric with very sharp scissors before removing the backing.
  • For pinholes cut fabric to approx 2.5cm-3cm circle and apply to both sides of the kite fabric.
  • For small cuts allow 2.5cm around the cut in the patch shape.
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