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Mindless Voodoo Talisman 2 Trucks

The new Voodoo Talisman 2 trucks from Mindless are a hugely updated and upgraded truck compared to the original Talisman trucks. Available in Black and Sandblasted.

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The Mindless Talisman truck was already a really good truck, but the Talisman 2 has really stepped up the game, at an incredible price. One of the strongest trucks on the market, thanks to a marginal extra 1mm of aluminium. In edition to this, Mindless have brought in a totally new casting technique for these trucks also gives increased density.

Made from pure 365.2 Aluminium, and heat treated to T6. It's 50 Degree precision cupped bushing seats give better steering control and turning rebound. This with upgraded barrel bushings really help with control and pumping too. Custom cast PU pivot cups and a larger pivot neck minimises slop, boasting a confident ride with a great smooth feel.


Hanger cut outs help reduce the weight down, specifically placed as to not reduce any strength. Alongside the new 2mm gold bushing washers and blue bushings make for a stunning new look.

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