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Orangatang Kegel 80mm Longboard Wheels (pack of 4)

A wheel built to enable you to go incredibly fast! offering high strength and stiffness along with heat resistance to make sure its always on point

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Orangatang Longboard Wheels Kegel Web Asset

Supple, Muscular Grip


The Kegel by Orangatang is designed for riders who like to go fast! thanks to its stiffness and strength along with it's heat resistance . It's large 80mm diameter enables it to generate high roll speeds to help you build and maintain more speeds while the 56mm width allows a versatile balance of traction and slide response. 

The cantilevered outer lip of the wheel in combination with a straight profile is designed to hug the road for grip while giving you consistent performance even as the wheel starts wearing. The wheels inner lip features a subtle inward bevel for optimum race worthy traction and controlled drifts. 


Measure of wheel hardness. Softer wheels (77a-80a and lower) offer more traction and roll smoother and faster over rough surfaces. Harder wheels (83a-86a and higher) slide more easily, offer greater durability, and roll faster over smooth surfaces.

  • Kegel Wheels 65mm 80a Orange
  • Kegel  Wheels 65mm  83a Purple
  • Kegel  Wheels 65mm  86a Yellow


Orangatang Kegel 80mm Longboard Specifications:

  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Width: 56mm
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Durometer: Currently only available in 77a 80a and 83a.
  • Bearing Seat: Offset
  • Formula: Happy Thane
  • Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane
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