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Orangatang Love Handles 65mm Longboard Wheels (pack of 4)

Extra Grip on those extra hip, the love handles are a perfect for commuting and carving. Orangatang love handles come in 65mm in two different duro for that perfect ride.

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Orangatang Love Handles Web Asset

Extra hips for extra grip

Quick, light and providing maximum plush and grip, with a heavy focus on traction and grip but still providing high amounts of agility, acceleration and control. With this new design from Orangatang combining your favourite wheels such as the inheats and fat free to make this wheel. Big hips on the inside of the Love handle provide superior grip on turns giving you a smooth and tighter turning radius.


Measure of wheel hardness. Softer wheels (77a-80a and lower) offer more traction and roll smoother and faster over rough surfaces. Harder wheels (83a-86a and higher) slide more easily, offer greater durability, and roll faster over smooth surfaces.

  • Love Handle Wheels 65mm 77a Blue
  • Love Handle Wheels 65mm 80a Orange
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