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Loaded Fattail Longboard

The Loaded Fattail is a fun pumping cruiser longboard that is lightweight and shares some of the feel of the classic dervish. Top mount 38in length with kicktail fun.

£144.95 - £265.00
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Loaded Fattail Longboard A little extra girth never hurt anyone. At least that was our approach when it came time to revamp the design of the Pintail. We wanted to modernize this classic concept so it could keep up with evolutions in riding and performance.

The Fattail was designed for pumping, carving, pedestrian slalom, freestyle and generally any situation where lively, energetic lines are on the menu. Increased concave locks your feet in against g-forces, while the topmounted and cambered platform provides energetic performance in and out of each carve. The width of the deck has been redistributed while maintaining subtle tapering near the trucks to provide both ample leverage and awareness of foot position while powering through turns. The formerly vestigial tail has received the silicone treatment for improved functionality in both freestyle tricks and surf-style shredding. The Fattail is also equipped with a slight nose kick for manuals and shuvits.

Length: 38" / 96.5cm
Width:8.63" / 22cm
Wheelbase (Inner):26.5" / 67.3cm
Wheelbase (Outer): 27.4" / 69.6cm
Weight: deck only: 2.6lbs. / 1.1kg
complete: 6.4lbs / 2.9kg

Loaded Fattail Flex 1: Up to 275 lbs/ <125kg
Loaded Fattail Flex 2: 125-215+ lbs/55kg - 95kg
Loaded Fattail Flex 3: 75-175+ lbs/35kg-80kg

Premium 1: Paris 150mm Trucks, Loaded Jehu Bearings, Stimulus Wheels 80a Orange £265
Premium 2: Paris 150mm Trucks, Loaded Jehu Bearings, InHeat Wheels 80a Orange £260

A vertically laminated bamboo core is sandwiched between fiberglass skins. The tail is reinforced with an additional layer of fiberglass (top) and carbon fiber (bottom) for added stiffness and abrasion resistance. The bottom is finished with a bamboo veneer with a die cut water droplet pattern, which is filled with transparent urethane and a “floating” graphic to give a sense of dimensionality.

Trucks: The Fattail rides best on 150mm trucks - we recommend Paris.

Wheels: Recommended wheel size is 70mm. Our go to wheels, Orangatang Stimulus and 4 Presidents.
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