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Longboards - Dancing

Longboards are are great as they allow for that same carve feeling on tarmac as water, snow or dirt. They can be ridden at high speeds or just crusing about. We have selected some great boards for all levels of rider. We stock a selection of Freeride, Cruise, Slalom, Carve, Race and Pool longboards from Lush Longboards, Landyachtz, Rayne, Loaded, Comet, GFH boards, Penny Skateboards, Long Island, Atom Longboards, Mindless and Never Summer.
Loaded - Bhangra Dancer Longboard

Loaded Bhangra Dancer Longboard

The Loaded Bhangra Longboard, The Dancer is dead... long live the Bhangra! Long low and immensely fun to ride everywhere is the Bhangra, watch the video and buy the board.
£199.99 - £299.99
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Loaded - Dervish Sama

Loaded Dervish Sama

The Loaded Dervish Sama is the usual premium build quality you would expect from Loaded. A twin tip drop through deck made from bamboo in sunny California.
£159.95 - £293.00
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Mindless - Core Pintail Longboard 44in Complete

Mindless Core Pintail Longboard 44in Complete

This longboard from Mindless is designed to be a brilliant beginner to intermediate board. Reverse kingpin trucks boast stability whilst the Maple and Rosewood provide flex and durability.
£179.95 £104.95
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Mindless - Hamu Dancer Longboard Complete

Mindless Hamu Dancer Longboard Complete

This is probably one of the best price Dancers on the market. Mindless have produced this beautiful 7 ply bamboo with 2 ply of maple to provide flex and rebound.
£199.95 £149.95
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