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MADD Coloured Flex Fender Brake

a replacement scooter brake for your MADD MGP scooter

The MGP Madd scooter brakes are for replacing a broken or damaged brake on your current scooter. Available in a range of funky colours. These fit most models of MADD.

In Stock & available for UK next day delivery
MADD MGP Coloured Flex Fender Brake will fit the newer model 2010/11 Madd MGP Base, Team and Nitro scooters as standard or will require drilling for another deck.  Check your existing brake to see the fitting style.  This flex fender will not normally fit other models without significant changes.

This brake is generally to fit 100mm Wheels.If you are fitting this to a Nitro Scooter running on 110mm wheels you may need to bend the brake up slightly and carefully to give the wheel more clearance.

Black Madd Flex Fender Brake
Red Madd Flex Fender Brake
Green Madd Flex Fender Brake
Sky Blue Madd Flex Fender Brake
Purple Madd Flex Fender Brake
Orange Madd Flex Fender Brake

Comes with nut, washer and bolt (or two bolts)

There are two different versions of this in 2011 Scooters PLEASE CHECK YOUR SCOOTER to see if the brake attaches with one or two bolts?

Flex brakes are great for quieting down a noisy scooter and dialing it.  But when they wear out then the brake does break.  Older spring brakes loose their spring or snap the spring while flex fenders snap.  This is normal wear and tear and not normally covered by warranty unless it happens instantly when starting using the scooter.

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