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Aztek Scooters Siren 6in X 23in Pro Scooter Deck in Black

Progressive-molded headtube allows for maximum weight removal, a huge improvement in strength, and a huge increase in noseblunt space. Stability on rails is unreal here.

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Introducing the all new Siren from Aztek Scooters. A progressive-moulding technique of the head tube allows for maximum strength with minimal weight. On top of this, your nose blunt section is simply gigantic. The re-designed drop outs for smoother slides and even more weight reduction bring your riding to another level. The enormous 6in of width on this deck give you maximum control and balance whilst sliding your way along that down rail you've only ever dreamed of learning. Weighing in at almost 25% lighter than its competitor decks, the Siren allows for all kinds of tricks and etiquates, whilst maintaining maximum grinding stability. 



  • Length: 23" 
  • Width: 6" 
  • 83° Cold-Forged Headtube
  • Wheels up to 125mm and 12STD Compatible
  • Weight: 1.63kg
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