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Ethic DTC Pandemonium Polished 530cm Scooter Deck

Another Ethic masterpiece, this scooter deck has been made with weight and strength in mind for those riders that want to go big in the park. Perfect deck to aid progression.

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The Ethic Pandemonium is a crazy light, park orientated deck designed to really maximise possibilities in scooting.  We love the look of this deck, as the forged headtube is simply beautiful whilst looks great it being forged means its super strong and will take those big impacts. These decks have been tested by ethics team and, wow, if you ever watch them, rest assured you will be blown away. 

Ethic DTC Pandemonium Polished 530cm Scooter Deck

Here we have the 530mm (20.9in) long , 120mm (4.7in) wide version in polished silver, you can use this as a mirror its that shiny. Also weighing in at 1180 grams this deck is going to be like a ninja underneath your feet, nimble and precise is what i'd call it. 

Ethic have gone with their new brake system which boasts to be lighter, Quieter and more durable than previous steel models. These new brakes are nylon moulded onto steel making them look slightly different to normal scooter brakes. 

Specifications of Ethic Pandemonium Scooter Deck

  • Aluminium build, 6061 for strength and weight reduction
  • 530mm (20.9in) long
  • 120mm (4.7in) wide
  • 1180 Grams Total Weight



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