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Tilt Theory 002 Street Scooter Deck 5.5 wide

The Tilt Theory is back and is somehow better than before. Suitable for up to 30mm wide wheels this deck is a real street beast. 5.5in wide for insane stability.

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Tilt have once again stepped up the game with the Theory 002 Deck. New internal structures and minor changes result in an even stronger deck without adding excessive weight.

The Tilt Theory Deck is a 1-piece construction, concentrating on creating a deck that can deal with the consistent flex while riding. Tilt has created something that not only looks amazing but also feels great.

A lot of thought has been put into this and Tilt have re-designed each component to be bigger and stronger but keeping  excessive, unwanted weight away. The simple straight head tube has been attached to a flat bottom extrusion and Tilt have used the maximum weld area possible for extra strength.

The grinding area/locations have also had a lot of testing. The forged drop-outs have been rounded for strength and durability and kept it streamline to prevent sticking on Fakie 50’s. The downtube/neck has got a concave area to improve lock-ins for Over-crook Grinds.

Tilt have even added the first ever welded fixed fender to their deck. This has been designed to stay compatible with wheels ranging from 110x24 all the way to 120x30 (with the use of the included spacers)

Tilt Theory 002 Deck in Black


Specifications of Tilt Theory 002 Scooter Deck in Black

  • 5.5in Wide by 22in Long
  • Wheel Size 100-120mm
  • Wheel Width 24mm-30mm (30mm with included spacers)
  • Aluminium Material
  • One Piece Deck
  • 83 Degrees Head Tube
  • Welded Fender 

Grip Tape Not Included


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