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ATBShop Mountainboard Wheel Bearings

Standard wheel bearings for your mountainboard from ourselves. Come as a pack of 8 bearings and fit most brands but consult the bearing size chart to check fitment.

£6.95 - £14.95
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Mountainboard Wheel Bearings: These are Standard bearings to fit a standard mountain board or kiteboard wheel. They fit most boards out there such as MBS, noSno, Scrub, Exit, Bluearth, Kheo, and pretty much any others.... There are 3 different sizes:

6001-2RS - 12mm Axel (Channel Truck) board.
R6-RS - Skate Truck 10mm ATB Axle Boards
PrimoSk8 - 10mm ATB Axle Standard Hub (MBS Skate Bearings)

The 6001 bearings are used in most boards with spring trucks. The R6-RS are used in most junior skate truck boards. The PrimoSk8 are adjuster bearings to fit 10mm skate (or vector) trucks to standard hubs. Check the picture below and look for the code numbers on the bearings for clues.  Please note the 10mm bearings are not exactly 10mm they are (3/8in) to fit the nominal 10mm or 9.5mm axle mountainboard axles not other applications.
Please contact us if you have questions about fitment.
mountainboard wheel bearings size guide
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