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MBS Comp95 Birds Mountainboard Deck Only

The new MBS Comp 95 Birds deck is a total redesign from the older decks and has a whole new concave design and will breath life into any mountainboard.

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The MBS Comp 95 Deck Only birds is the deck from the  do it all board from MBS's range and it has always been the board that other brands tried to compete with and imitate. Now in it's latest incarnation it has taken a leap forward again in specification and gives us the ultimate freeride freestyle board for most riders. There is a completely new deck mould along fitting the new Matrix II trucks (as well as older matrix and matrix pro) and the F5 Bindings (plus F4 etc) this is the new benchmark deck for intermediate to advanced riders. Check out the Tech Video below about the new deck.

MBS Comp 95 Birds Deck OnlySo lets break it down what is so good about the Comp 95 Birds Deck? To start with it's the perfect mid length board so is ideal for most larger junior riders and adult riders. If you need to go longer or stiffer then the Pro 97 is gives a couple of cm longer deck. The Deck is a pressed mixture of fibreglass and maple which has an asymmetrical concave under the foot so it's grips your shoe tighter and more naturally than flat decks in the past. The deck is mid to stiff in flex so absorbs the bumps but also has strength when landing a jump or hard drop. It's raised up slightly in the middle to give good ground clearance and the new bird graphics look pretty sick! 

MBS Comp 95 Birds Mountainboard Specifications:​
  • Deck Construction: Powerlam (Fiberglass, Maple)
  • Deck Stiffness: Medium
  • Deck Tip Angle: 30 degrees
  • Deck Length: 95cm / 37.4 (in)
  • Deck Width: 23cm / 9.1 (in)
  • Truck Type:  Compatible Matrix, Matrix 2 and Matrix Pro
  • Bindings: Compatible with F5 Ratchet and F4 or other MBS F Series Bindings.
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