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MBS F1 Velcro Mountainboard Bindings

The MBS F1 bindings are the simple velcro bindings on the colt and atom ranges. Great for small junior feet and simple connection to the board.

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The MBS F1 Bindings are the velcro bindings from the MBS Boards range. These are great for smaller feet sizes as the the ratchets are sometimes too big for juniors. They are a simple double velcro design that bolts down onto the board with metal plates to secure the strap and reduce twisting.

The F1 Bindings are not the best for older riders with larger feet over size UK10 or in large clunky boots as it leaves less velcro to secure the foot. Best to use some other brands velcro bindings with the metal "L" brackets at the sides or F5 Ratchet bindings.

Sold as a pair of bindings including mounting hardware.

MBS F1 Bindings fitted to Colt90 board

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