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MBS F5 Ratchet Buckle

Broken your F4 or F5 bindings ratchet buckle then this is what you need! Easy to replace and gets your bindings back and working again. Comes as a single buckle.

In Stock & available for UK next day delivery

The MBS F5 Ratchet is a replacement for the original standard Ratchet buckles on the F5 Bindings. They will also fit the F4 Bindings without any changes and fit older F3 bindings with small adjustment to the strap (see below).

Sold as Individual Buckles each.

MBS F5 Buckle Replacement
To fit the buckles to existing F3 bindings you need to change the round hole to a square hole where the lug fits.  If you carefully cut with a sharp knife the hole the lug fits in in the top plastic.  if you bolt the buckle on first it is easy to see what needs cutting.

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