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MBS F5 Ratchet Heelstraps

The MBS F5 Heelstraps are a big upgrade from the old ones and come with a camlock and ratchet and work with most bindings with angle bracket attachment and strap you solidly on the board.

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The new MBS F5 Heelstraps have seen a great upgrade from the old FX Heels. Now they come with a ratchet and clamlock to lock you on and centre the heelstrap on the back of your foot. There is great support and padding and hardware to fit them onto the F5 Bindings or other angle bracket bindings like the F3, F4 or Trampa ones. 

The new F5 Buckles and new camlocks are super reliable and easy to use to fully lock you on to the board. These match the F5 bindings perfectly to lock you on super tight. Remember to be careful when fully locking onto the board you should have good ankle support so not to twist your ankles in a crash.

FX Pro II Heel Straps are not compatible with F1 or Freeflex bindings and are best fit on the new F5's upgrade your board connection!  They are supplied as a pair of heelstraps with binding hardware to fit the F5 and other bindings.

MBS F5 Heelstraps MSB F5 Ratchet Heelstraps

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