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MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs in Silver

capable of holding any 8" tyre and high PSI

These anodised silver Rockstar Pro hubs from MBS Mountainboards are some of the toughest metal wheels on the market. They fit kiteboards, mountainboards & dirt scooters.

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The MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs in Silver are the ultimate wheel for downhill boarding and kite use. These are a three piece hub with aluminium outer for strength and a composite plastic middle for durability. These have been in development for years and are just the ultimate in performance and style. 
The Extra strength allows them to be run on harder pressures for higher speed and faster acceleration on race tracks. The web design also adds extra side forces strength for kite flying.

Recently the Rock Star pro hubs have also become very popular in customising dirt scooters for all terrain use and high PSI.The outer rim edges are the same as a standard hub so they can be run at all normal pressures without breakages they do not need to be run max pressure.

These are also narrower than a standard rockstar making the tyre sit higher and run faster. All in all the top of the line hub that performs as well as it looks.
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