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MBS T3 Mountainboard Tyre Black

Tough gripping tyres to get a better edge when kiting or hold the corner tighter in the wet the MBS T3's make a great kite freestyle or freeride tyre for the woodland tracks.

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The MBS T3 Tyres in Black is the third tyre from MBS's factory. This is aimed at providing more lateral side grip than the T1 Tyre. It is still a light 2 ply tyre but it is a flatter profile with a double centre ridge and higher knobbles at the edges. This makes more rubber in contact with the ground and provides more side grip. This is ideal if you find you need more grip than the T1 tyres.... for example it will allow more power to be held with a kite and better upwind performance. Or will hold a tighter line in a corner on a race track. Because there is more rubber in contact there will probably be a slight slow in acceleration as there is more drag than the T1 but it will be a trade off to less slide in the corners! We will have to see how the tyres perform in the races this year!

Now there is even more choice in what you ride to race!!!

Supplied as a SINGLE TYRE without inner tube.
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