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MBS V6 Brake Kit

Want to fit brakes to your MBS mountainboard? This kit fits all mbs boards that have the screw holes on the end of the trucks. Great for fire roads and single track riding.

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MBS Mountain board V6 brake system - This is a twin disc brake system to mount to MBS Aluminium Channel Trucks and Matrix Trucks. The brake works by fitting two discs to the wheel hubs and two bike brake calipers push out onto the discs to slow you down. This is especially useful for when you are riding street or single track paths where there is no room to scrub off speed by carving or powersliding.

The V6 Brake has black brake arms and bolts for the newer mbs hubs. To fit other brands of boards you would normally need to change a truck and pair of wheels to mbs ones. Please contact us if you need fitment advise to older boards or other brands.

We recommend getting a brake after you have learned to slow by normal methods as using a brake promotes bad riding habits for the future (and takes a lot of the skill and fun from the riding!)

Brake kits are great for single track, and steep terrain. Riding with a brake makes learning easier and quicker for beginners and intermediates.

All MBS trucks are brake compatible for the MBS V Brake Kit.

This kit comes with bolts to fit FiveStar, and Rockstar 2  hub systems. The Discs also have the holes to fit the TriSpokes but not the bolts to fit. If you want to fit to Rockstar Pro Hubs you would need the extra spacer set.

Fitting Info:
This brake fits Aluminium trucked MBS boards since 2001 including the matrix truck boards. For fitment possibilities to other boards please contact us.

MBS V Brake Kit V6 V5

MBS V6 Brake Kit Disc Detail

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