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Primo Alpha Light Mountainboard Tyre

The Primo Alpha Light tyres are popular with downhill and kiteboarders as they are super light and have great grip and controlled slide properties.

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The Primo Alpha Lightweight Tyres are a special 2 ply version of the black Alpha which is lighter was it has 2 of the plys removed so similar weight to the MBS T1 tyre. Due to this it is more likely to have punctures in the woods and also will deform at low pressures. BUT this is still a great tyre and if running at pressures over 25-30psi then superb grip and lightweight.

Come as each Tyre without tubes  (Sorry but the Red and Blue are not available any longer from our suppliers but the black is awesome!)

This is a 200x50 2PR tyre which is approximately 8 inches diameter. This a top level tyre that is very fast acceleration due to it having a smooth central area that speeds you up in a straight line along with it's small size. The grip on the sides of the tyre bites into the corners and works great on loose ground and grass. With it being small it is lightweight and great for downhill and freestyle.

They will fit most 4 inch hubs such as Scrub, Exit, Mongoose, MBS and Primo. 
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