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Trampa Mountainboard HYPA Hub White with Black Logo (Each)

Trampa White with Black logo 6 spoke Hypa Hub is our favourite hubs for landboarding. Keeping things weight light without compromising the strength. They look great too!

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Trampa's 6 spoke Hypa Hubs are our favourite hubs for landboarding where keeping things weight light without compromising the strength. 
These injection moulded hubs are compatible with all known 6, 7 and 8 inch mountainboard tyres. They have been produced using high quality, original Du-Pont ingredients.

Team Trampa have tested these Hypa hubs to the limit. Riding hard, Landing hard and even over inflating their tyres to beyond the recommended pressure. All without any problems.



  • Weight: 154g each
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • M4 x 35mm Marine Grade Stainless steel Socket Capped Bolts
  • M4 Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nuts

Build instructions

Use a 3mm Allen Key to tighten the Socket Capped Bolts into the M4 Nuts. When tightening the bolts into the nuts tighten the nuts progressively & equally. **Do not over-tighten the bolt or the nut will spin in its housing!**

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