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Trampa Skate Truck 9.5mm Hollow Axle

Trampa Skate trucks with 9.5mm hollow axles to reduce the weight of the trucks and increase strength. Great performing truck for many mountainboards and kiteboards.

£27.95 - £34.95
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The Trampa 9.5mm hollow axle Skate Style Trucks drop the weight and come as with the standard re-enforced  steel hollow axles, which are the full width of the hanger in one piece. Although hollow the axle keeps maximum strength whilst reducing a lot of the weight, making this almost the lightest mountain and kite board truck system on the market if you fit the Titanium Kingpin upgrade. (lighter is the Trampa All Titanium Trucks!)

These come complete with deck mouting hardware. SOLD AS SINGLE TRUCKS IF YOU WANT A PAIR PLEASE ADD TWO TO CART

Trampa Titanium Kingpin Skate Trucks Specifications

  • Weight: 521g (498 g with Ti Kingpin)
  • Width: 16 inch
  • Lightest Standard Truck available
  • Titanium kingpin optional
  • Lightest truck on the market
  • 10mm Hollow Axle
  • Re-enforced and anti spin Base plate


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