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Trampa Stainless Steel Mountainboard Bearings

Use your board on the beach? or go through a lot of bearings? Then the Trampa Stainless bearings are ideal for you. They are expensive but very worth it as much higher grade and don't rust.

£29.95 - £34.95
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The Trampa Stainless Steel Bearings are exactly what they sound like.... fully stainless steel bearings for the hubs. But what they don't say is that they are a very good grade stainless steel which does greatly extend life compared to standard bearings.  These are only really worth worrying about if you are riding a lot on the beach.

We were dubious of this at first as we had tried stainless bearings before without much more life than the standard chrome ones. But to our surprise these really did work so much better. They do still need some running maintenance but much less than standard bearings and they were put through hell and months later we are still riding them with no performance drop! Try them for yourself and you won't be disappointed.

These are only available as 6001 12mm Axle bearings for Channel Truck boards like MBS Matrix and also with adaptors for 9.5mm Axle size for smaller Skate Truck Boards.

Bearings Size:  6001-2RS - 12mm Axle, 28mm Outer Diameter, 8mm Thick

Sold as a Pack of 8 bearings for one board. Or as a pack of 8 with 8 adaptors.

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