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Trampa Superstar Black Hubs

The Trampa Superstar Black Hubs have the aluminium spokes for strength and reinforced plastic rims for durability so the best of both worlds. Super pretty and high performance.

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TRAMPA's SUPERSTAR Black kite and mountainboard hubs Created for those who insist on fitting only the strongest and lightest of equipment to their boards, this beautiful and technically designed Dupont plastic split rim, clamped together with 5 prong Alloy spokes, creates what we believe to be the ultimate 41/2 inch hub.

Available in loads of different surface finishes and coloured spoke combinations you can SUPERSTAR hubs in any combination you like... This SUPERSTAR hub shown is displayed in its original Matt Black surface finish for the rim with a polished alloy 5 spoke center. By not having any special surface finishes this hub is slightly cheaper than others in the range which have cost slightly more to produce....

Containing just 15% glass fiber and made from the finest DUPONT nylon/plastic materials, the natural matt surface of the rim is striking to the eye and the obvious choice for the weight conscious rider!

Constructed (as expected from TRAMPA) using only the finest fixings available. All TRAMPA parts including these hubs are constructed using Marine grade Stainless steel which has been brushed with Blue bolt paste to ensure the strongest of fixings. All nuts used also have a Nylock sleeve to ensure double quality and secure fixing!

The Trampa REDs (Trampa's own ABEC 5 Bearings) fit perfectly to the allow the hub the fastest spin rate available.

The SUPERSTAR hub will fit to ALL trucks on the market. There are conversion spacers available to make them work on 10mm axles (see associated parts for details) and we are currently working on making the correct sized axle spacers to allow these hubs to be fitted to the likes of MBS Matrix, Scrub Channel and most other common brands available.

Due to the technical design of these hubs the finished product has ended up being exceptionally strong, this extra strength allows the rider to inflate their tires beyond normal recommended pressure's and increasing the top end roll in speeds. We shouldnt go recommending that you go over inflating your tires but if you are ever going to do it you will be safe in the knowledge that these hubs can handle the pressure that other hubs cant. During testing it was common for Trampa Team riders to inflate as high as 100psi!
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  • Weight: 186 g each
  • Weight: 745 g per set
  • Diameter: 4.5 inch
  • Rim: Matt Black rim
  • Spoke: Polished spokes
  • Superstar hub Stainless steel bolt kit M4 x 40mm
  • fit Trampa Reds - ABEC 5 rated Bearings
  • use bearing reducer sleeves for 10mm skate axles

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